About Dave

About Dave

Dave was born in Spokane Washington in 1959.

He's lived in and experienced the environment of many different locales in the U.S., and has traveled the world extensively in search of adventure, culture and missions programs. A resident of the greater Seattle area for the past 27 years, Dave has embraced a lifelong learning approach. He holds several degrees from several different colleges, including Eastern Washington University where he studied Exercise Physiology, University of Wisconsin for Cardiac Rehabilitation, and the University of Washington's Foster School of Business Executive Program in Management.

For 30+ years, I have held the position as an Exercise Physiologist within a number of organizations. This required me to stay up-to-date in both the fields of medicine as well as athletics. I have continued and will continue a life-long pursuit of learning. As a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist with the ACSM, this is required and in fact well exceeded each year for the 20 hours for maintaining certification.

My position as an Exercise Physiologist at both the hospital and in the athletic business allowed me to hone my medical and athletic training skills, I believe would translate well into a position as a Sports Physiologist. My breadth of experience has made me well rounded and versatile. During these years I have honed the skills as a Department Developer, Academic Program Developer, Medical Rehab Program Developer, Business Developer and Equipment Manager, in both the medical and athletic realms.

With these skills and being considered a local expert in the field, I have had many speaking opportunities as well as a quoted expert in publications and for MSNBC. I have had a couple invited honored Speaker requests from the University of Washington Medical Center to speak to full audiences for exercise/Rehab for Pulmonary Hypertension, Pulmonary Arterial hypertension and Lung Transplant/Lung reduction surgery patients, physicians and care givers. I have also had the opportunity to team develop the regions Diabetes Prevention Program. Both public speaking and speaker program development have been a recent skill that I have added over the past few years. I have also had the opportunity to both train climbers and teach education classes for the world renowned Seattle Mountaineers on the subject of Himalayan mountain climbing training and altitude adaptation. I have recently returned from China at the request of the Chinese Olympic Committee to speak, treat, teach and consult the Olympic athletes and trainers.

In addition to the skills and knowledge, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience with test and testing equipment. I have full knowledge of the testing procedures and uses of the YMCA and ACSM testing programs. I also had five year as a materials testing tech for the Washington State Dept. Of Transportation, so I am well aware of multiple testing pieces of equipment there and the resulting application for sports and sports injury education and management (engineering). For the past couple of years I have also been one of the Exercise Physiologist's performing diagnostic testing for a Cardiology team, full 12 lead ECG's as well as pulmonary testing for a Pulmonary Care Center.

As for knowledge as an athlete, I have had an extended career in sports as an athlete. During my age group days I was in swimming, JO's in 1976, and coaching swimming till 1983. I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, boxed with the Red Shield Boxing Team, Professional Logging Sports, and a sponsored athlete in both mountain climbing sports and elite distance running. I currently enjoy noncompetitive participating in rock climbing, backpacking, hiking, Snow skiing, snow shoeing, mountain and road cycling and trekking. These experiences have also given me the opportunity to travel and learn from other cultures.


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